New custom soundset are not showing on Syrinscape - RESOLVED



I’d like to understand a bit better what’s the process involved when I’m uploading a new soundset ( with custom sounds ) on the server with Soundset Creator.

Sometimes the new soundset show up on Syrinscape ( app ) but other times it doesn’t.
What are the things I must check before uploading?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hi @st4lk3r87!

The main things to check are;

  1. that you chose a category, i.e Fantasy, Sci-Fi Boardgame
  2. that your samples are in the correct format, 44k, 16bit CD quality wav files.
  3. that you have removed ALL metadata from the samples.

Steps two and three can both be easily done using audio editing software such as Adobe Auditions or Audacity (Free)

Also, I’d really recommend watching Bens TUTORIAL videos, these give some really easy to follow instructions on how best to use the Creator :slight_smile:


Yes but I see all the sounds in Syrinscape Creator and I can hear the sounds too. Isn’t that enough?


Not if they are not the right file type or still have metadata. If the samples are not right then they will not upload


Ok, I’ll give them a try :slight_smile: Thank you so much.