Merge the online and desktop app


I am new user and the desktop app seems great but the beta app not so much. The desktop app seems very polished while the web interface is well leave a lot to be desired. Any reason you cannot just make them the same or very similar in functionality? I understand it is beta that you will be doing some future updates.


The desktop app is designed for offline play. You download the content that you want and then can use it anywhere, any time. The Online version is designed for online gaming and offers lots of additional functionality (Online Play, Creator, search engine) All of which require access to the internet

Two different apps that allow you to use Syrinscape in the way that works best for you and your games


The online player requires a subscription service, whereas the desktop client doesn’t.


That’s not actually the case. Subs unlock access to the entire collection of soundsets, giving you a lot more to play with and chose from but both the desk top app and Syrinscape Online can be ran WITHOUT a subscription. Both versions of the app come with free content for you to use in local games and of course you can purchase new content to expand your library.

A Supersyrin subscription however unlocks access to ALL of Syrinscape Online’s additional features, such as the ability to host online games and its inbuilt Creator. So if you play locally or are a player then you are not required to have a sub, but if you want to run games over the internet or upload and create your own soundsets then grab a sub :grinning:


The suggestion was not a question on what is the difference the difference. My suggestion was to merge the tool in order to have a single unified front end for the tool. The desktop app imho is much more polished.


My answer was to explain why we chose not to merge them. They are two separate apps that have different functions. Both allow you to play Syrinscape soundsets but are designed to be used in different ways and by people with different requirements.

The offline players have been around a lot longer and so do look a lot more polished than the Online Player, which is still in Beta. But with that said many users of the Online Player prefer it’s more modern UI and streamlined controls


Ok thanks Steve for the insight but I disagree the online does not seem modern or streamline. But you know what they say about opinions :smiley:


Opinions are always welcome. :slight_smile: Seriously! Keep them coming!

Speaking of which… see this tweet about the Fantasy Player…

Ben cries with confusion! :smiley: :smiley:


Lol you can’t get them all Ben. My 2 cents, I actually like both of the UIs and appreciate the need for two separate Syrinscape environments, one for online and one for offline.

However, if I may try to interpret the OP’s comment, I think what would be cool is to have a single standalone installed application that has 2 modes of play: offline and online, and you could switch between the two as needed by pressing a button. Such software would basically incorporate the online player but activate it only when the user wants to, while always presenting as its main interface something like the control panel of the “master interface” that we can now only access via browser.
Does that makes sense?

Although, the online interface going from beta to release would come first on my wishlist, tbh.