Install all purchased soundsets? - RESOLVED


Would there be a possibility of adding a “Install all purchased soundsets/subscriptions” button to the interface? I have the 30 day free trial and I want to continue using it, however, it’s a little tiresome to literally add them all one by one by one on all my devices.

It would be much more efficient to just wait 15 minutes for them all to install.


Hi @ryggrad82 that’s a good suggestion, thanks.

I have added it to our list of feature requests for consideration. We are not sure yet whether we will add this feature, but will follow up with you here either way.

James (Syrinscape developer)


Finding a better way to get all the required samples and info into the Cache of the Fantasy Player (as they are required) is HIGH on our list of things to work on when next we do updates there!

Stay tuned!!! :slight_smile:

In the meantime maybe try the Syrinscape Online Player where you don’t need to actually pre-install any content at all… (perhaps a preview of what we might be able to do for the Fantasy Player!!!) *grins


This is a very desired feature.

Fantasy Grounds requires to load a lot of sets to work well.

I have to load all because of it.