I'm sorry, but why is the search so gawdaful?


Everytime I try to find anything, it takes several minutes of searching and clicking and guessing. It’s frustrating to no end. The stuff is there. I find it eventually, but it’s hidden away under some sort of ‘organization’ that I just can’t understand.

Can we get some sort of search feature?



Which search are you talking about:

  1. Fantasy Player
  2. Online Player
  3. Campaign manager
  4. Something else I haven’t even thought about?

I can give you some really useful info if you give me some. :slight_smile: :smiley:


Currently using the online player, but it’s the same when I use the other players too.
It goes something like this:

  1. A character enters a bar.
  2. The DM thinks “Maybe I’ll fire up some ambience real quick”
  3. Go to Syrinscape and search for “bar”. I get “Barghest Battle”, “Barovian Village”, “Dungeons and Dragons Dragon of Icespire Peak Essentials Kit Barrow, manse, thuder and icespire”.
  4. Oh, here’s one that might be what I want…“Hobgoblin bar fight”. Nope. Fight sounds, no ambience. Maybe I’ll add ambience to the search. Nope, that returns nothing. Surely ‘ambience’ by itself will give me a list of ambient sounds…right?


“Abyss”, “DotMM level 4”, “earth elemental”.

First, why am I looking at sound sets? Why am I not just seeing the sounds that have “bar” in the name or are tagged as such? Why do I have to click the sound set one by one to try to find what I’m looking for?

By the time I find anything close to what I’m looking for, the scene in the bar is over. It easily takes several minutes to find anything.

Any yes, I know that ‘tavern’ is a better search for what I’m talking about in this case, but it’s just an example of the type of situation that happens every week. I get so frustrated trying to find anything that I swear each week I’m cancelling my subscription.


You might have better luck searching in the library section for elements (or samples). I definitely agree that there should be better searches (categories, tags etc.) but library is better than searching the soundset section.



Yep, improving searching is something we are doing incrementally.

Do note however: I think the really big problem here is you searching for “bar”. It’s just not a word we use for your classic medieval tavern.

The returns from the “bar” you searched for appear in this order:

  1. SoundSets with”bar” in the SoundSet name
  2. SoundSets with “bar” in a Mood name
  3. SoundSets with “bar” in an Element name

Makes sense?

And yes… being able to filter by:

  1. Ambiance
  2. Battle Set
  3. Advenrture SounPack

…is a good idea. It’s actually even on the list of TO DOs.

Finally… and mainly… THANK YOU for your support as a sub. I’m sorry we are behind where you want us to be in the tech, but rest assured, we are putting literally every dollar and hour we can into developing our things to make them better and better.

BUT a lot of the improvements over the last 6 months have been REALLY important, but somewhat hidden. Notably:

  1. bringing the Syrinscape Online servers online and then coping with a sudden huge increase in usage

  2. bringing the code for all the Player Apps up to date in Unity 2019, which meant translating every line (many many many lines) from Unity Java to Unity C#.

  3. is pretty much done

  4. is about 85% done… dev builds of the Players are working working, but there are MANY bugs.

Soooooooon you will see a resumption of more user facing stuff improving.

All makes sense?

Either way… keep your requests and criticisms coming. They help us get better! :slight_smile:


I think tags would be great.

Could tag “Ambient”,“Dog”,“Fight”, “battle” etc. then when words like these get searched it come sup.


Also, while Ben and Company are working on the search feature, may I offer a stopgap measure in this thread?

I have made organized campaigns of the various soundsets. Like one is all Monsters and Fights, one is Fantasy Locations, etc. I also have combined sets for various areas, like Town/City Session, which has all the places and things you might do in a city, from sets of village and city sounds, blacksmith, shops, and town monsters like a goblin raid or an ambush by thieves. I have other ones like Forests/Fields, Swamps and Jungle, Low-Level Dungeon, High-Level Dungeon, etc.

I hope that helps for the time being!


Obviously BAR isn’t a good search term. It’s a placeholder that I used, not a specific example. As I mentioned.


Looks incredibly useful thank you!


Another hack that might help locate the sounds you want when preparing for a game in advance (I would not recommend this mid-game) is to use the campaign manager search, instead.

It has an updated tag based interface that will display a list of all tags sorted by the number of soundsets that match the tag. Select one tag, and the list will narrow showing you other tags that ALSO match the already filtered list of soundset, again sorted by the number of matches. Tags are prefixed with a type e.g. music: sfx: etc.

The results are still only showing soundsets, but perhaps you can sufficiently narrow the list of soundsets to a few candidates and then go look at the elements inside those soundsets in the online player.

Improving search in the online and genre players is definitely on our to do list.


I agree with the OP though, it is virtually impossible to use Syrinscape improvisation style. It is an incredible product if I can plan ahead of time, but I don’t always have that luxury, but when I need to use it on the spot, often times it leads to frustration to the point where I simply use my own soundsets that I previously created, and already use way too much. :joy:

But I know, this horse has been kicked for a long time now; hopefully this will improve soon, as well as a ‘currently playing’ screen where we have access to all the sounds playing, so we don’t have to hunt down all the soundsets to manipulate them (another kicked horse that would help improvisation use).


I actually nearly only use Syrinscape improvisation style. I accomplish this by a few factors:

I listen to the soundsets a lot - Surfing the net? Writing something? Washing the dishes? Tidying up the house? Organizing your bookshelf? I play a soundset I haven’t listened to in a while, and change the moods every few minutes. That way I gradually become familiar with various sets. This is probably the most useful thing I’ve done, because I often find sounds in sets that might not seem immediately relevant to my current campaigns, but end up being useful later, or find something I can recommend to a GM who does need them. Or else I find sounds that can be used for more than one thing: I once needed a sound like someone constantly cracking twigs, and I realized that the “fireplace” sound from Friendly Tavern, turned down low enough that the flame roar couldn’t be heard, just the snap of the flames, sounded just like cracking twigs.

I use the Campaigns feature - If my characters are going to be in forest or desert, dungeon or city, I can pull up the correct campaign to have the most appropriate sets very close at hand.

I am the Dungeon Master - Generally I have an idea of where my players are going, what they’re going to be fighting, and who they’ll be encountering during any given session (even though I usually look up monsters about 10 minutes beforehand). Even if they have several possible courses of action, several possible monsters to fight, several places to go, there is no place they’re going, no monster they’re fighting, no person they’re talking to that I am not in control of. And if they do something completely off the wall, totally unexpected, somehow teleport from the Desert Tomb of the Sun Pharaoh to an Abandoned Spaceship in the Barrier Peaks, tell them it’s time for a ten minute break so you can reset, because that’s fair for everyone. You don’t have run your session like it’s professionally scripted series! It’s ok to have a few pauses while you grab a quick change of music or turn off part of the fight that’s no longer needed.

Build Custom Moods in Obvious Places for You - If I know they’re likely to go to someplace that requires a custom mood often, I usually build that mood and save it, not in the Custom Mood set, but in a similar set that I will reference often. If I needed a variation on a town, for example, I might save a custom mood in Brindle Town rather than one of the Custom Mood sets, because then I know all “town” sets are in the same place. That usually leads to less clicking around.


Short reply: Hmmm… I actually do improv sound mixing all the time… and often in front of 25K+ audiences on Twitter and such… soooo… :slight_smile:

Long reply: everything @HECook said above! :smiley:


I too have struggled with this. Being able to filter searches via tags would be a big timesaver. eg orchestral vs electronic, tense vs upbeat etc


[sorry for the deleted post… I just decided not to comment after all.]


No prob.

The ‘search’ we are discussing is what you get in the Online Player… take a look there to see our current philosophy (PLUS the TAG concept you see displayed in the Campaign Manager page). Then discuss where we should improving from there. :slight_smile:

The ‘search’ in the Genre Players (Fantasy), is something that worked when we had only 50ish SoundSets in Syrinscape. It doesn’t work anymore (really) and will soon be replaced with something matching what is in the Online Player (as a starting point). Unfortunately before we are able to update the Genre Players we have been required to do a complete code update (translation and everything) to get something Apple will accept. So… that’s why it’s lagging behind the Online Player. But… we are ALMOST there!

Sense makes?



Your response to my deleted post has actually made it more relevant than I thought it was (which is why I deleted it.) I’ll re-post it below.

Originally, I was responding to a post from a week ago by @Houndy where he was showing a search bar that I didn’t recognize. It turns out that I only ever interact with Syrinscape via the ‘Fantasy Player’ utility, and I always assumed that the ‘Online Player’ was a convenience made available for those who hadn’t downloaded (or didn’t want to download) the actual standalone Player. I probably had interacted with it at one point, but if I did, I have forgotten anything I learned, and had been left with no idea that it was, in fact, the more complete interface.

@benjamin’s post corrects that deficiency in my understanding. I will certainly be spending more time with it now. Thanks!

Original Post:

Where is that search? I have the fantasy player up, which I assume is intended to be the primary interface to the collection of soundsets. On this interface, I have a column on the left with an alphabetical listing, with no further organization, of every soundset.

The only ‘search’ I see is the little bar at the top, which will just filter that long, unorganized list (unless you think that the best way to organize something this complex is alphabetical - frankly, this column should present the sound sets with at least 2 levels of hierarchy, 3 would be better, with indentations or other visual cues… but I digress)

Back to the ‘search’… If, indeed, there is another way to search, or organize, or (whatever), these soundsets, then the player should have a clearly labeled link out to that organizational tool. Again, the Player is the interface… if it doesn’t have everything needed for the user to make proper use of the system, then, in my humble opinion, it is deficient and could be improved.

Just sayin’

  • s.west


Time to check out the Online Player, me thinks. :slight_smile:

Note also how the adventures are listed AND sorted now there… that is all coming to the Fantasy Player in due time.

Soooo… any workshopping we can get done on where the Online Player is right now is DOUBLE useful! :bug::hammer:


I would expect no less, you being the chief goblin at the goblinoid sound factory. You know and have listened to every sound that the goblin minions have come up with.

To the visiting Half Orc, he, scratches his head and says “why can’t I have you 15 goblins stand over here and play on this stage, instead of having me run all over your camp to tell each of them when to start and stop playing?”


In other words, the most frustrating part of Syrinscape is when playing many moods across many soundsets. I feel like I am running through the goblin camp, to each of their tents, and telling the goblins to stop/start playing, when in fact, managing the goblin orchestra should be as easy as telling each goblin player to walk on the stage, as we do during an orchestra, and me goblin conductor points to Goblin X, and runs me finger across my neck for him to stop playing. Lol.

When you guys create that currently playing interface, then this goblin conductor will be happy.


OK all… Check out the vid here and give us some feedback based on what you see and hear and learn about how things work.