Download All 345 (now 548)


Why is there still no way to download all the soundsets at once? Why do I still have to click each one and click to download/install. Half the time you can’t queue up more than one or two or it’ll lock up at 99% and you have to cancel, then re-do.
Even if it queues up properly, that’s a lot of clicking.


Yes this is very annoying. I think a ‘download all’ button would be a improvement.

It’s even more important if you use a third party app to control Syrinscape.


I spent all day yesterday getting the Fantasy player installed.
Now I’m doing the SciFi one. It has a lot fewer sound sets.

It took 281 clicks and approx 6 minutes, to TRY to download all the sounds (in SciFi, so many more in Fantasy). After that I have to wait 19 minutes while it downloads some of the sounds. The rest sit at 100% and have to be cancelled, then reinstalled, bringing the click count up to 364

This is ridiculous. Coding a loop to download and install all the sets is VERY basic code. It’s almost 2020. WHY is it still this way?

364 clicks to install and that’s not even the big one.

Does that seem right to anyone?


This IS on our list of things to fix. Up until about NOW the Online Player has been eating the bulk of our dev time… but we are now turning back to the stand alone players.

We are currently discussing/arguing about the best way to fix this… Let’s discuss here:

  1. A download all button = I personally think this is CRAZY, that’s a LOT of data, and you will rarely want/need EVERYTHING installed on any given device at once.
  2. The ability to cue Installs properly, so you can simply click, click, click through a big long list of them and then let Syrinscape deal with those installs as it is able
  3. Something more like the Online Player = where you don’t even have to bother installing anything, the Player just grabs the samples when it actually need them = this will create a bit of lag on the FIRST use, but after that samples are Cached.
  4. Something else I havent thought of?


Personally I vote for 3. It’s easy to make a soundset and play everything once before game so there is not lag. Then over time you get catches versions of everything you need


That’s the way I am leaning.

If you’ve used the Online Player you’ll know:

  1. even if you haven’t pre-installed, the lag is never really longer than 2 or 3 seconds
  2. we have already developed the tech to do this (and it works)



3 would be fine, but I would want 1 as an option too. Also would the cache clear itself out when Syrinscape is closed?

I’ve always downloaded everything because I never know what I’ll need till I need it and I don’t want to open another connection while I’m playing because I’ve got video and voice chat going at the same time. I know the sounds are small, but still - connections come and go.



Have you tried out the Online Player? There are some good things in there! :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried the online player yet. My players are not technical, at all. Anything that they have to install or click on or navigate to is a problem. Also it will have to work with 3rd party app integration.

You mentioned that the size of the files was so large that you didn’t think anyone would need it. I’m seeing 12GB for FantasyPlayer with everything (painfully) downloaded. That’s nothing.


I absolutely want a ‘Download All’ button. When I’m preparing for a session, I flip through a lot of songs quickly looking for what I want and it would be nice to be able to do the same thing in Syrinscape. It’s actually the reason I quit using it over a year ago and when I came back to try it again I was surprised that it was still missing.

I’m giving it another go, but I’m annoyed by having to click on each scene and select download when one button could solve my problem.


If this is a pet peeve… I recommend giving the Online Player a go…

Any better?