Descent SoundSets live!


Hey all,

Subrscribers may have noticed that “dia Avernus” and “dia Baldur’s Gate” are live in the Players for you all.

These are the first two core parts of the coming complete support for “Descent into Avernus”

Our first SoundPack for this adventure will feature the usual encounter-by-encounter support… but I was so excited about how good this stuff was sounding, I literally couldn’t wait to turn it on for you all.

Sooo… check it out. And give me some feedback, since these are just a work in progress we’ve got some time to hone them further.

Like the metal feel?

Notice the chants in Baldur’s Gate?!?!?

I look forward to hearing what you think!!!

*dives for cover



When will the soul coin wail be ready?


I’ll have to wait until next year to actually run in (running my Storm King’s Thunder Campagin still) but I am SO happy, they are so good! <3

Really, really well done @benjamin & Team!


This is fixed? Have you updated the SoundSet? Hearing it louder now?

I’m sure I’ve answered this question before, have I not?


Happiness! :grin: :space_invader: :dog: :whale:


I would love to see some big classical music as well as the metal - a Ride of the Valkyries type thing, capture that Apocalypse Now feel…if possible :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing (I mean, hearing) more!


Hey Ben. Is the plan still to have the rest of the sets out by the end of the month? I have a Descent campaign starting in a week or so, and would love to have this ready for the start.

Thanks, what’s out so far sounds great.


Hi @njackie,

The first parts of our complete support for Avernus are in the late stages of production right now, then they’ll go into approval… so stay tuned. Approval takes a minimum of 3 weeks so we are almost certainly looking at December or January, depending on how much people shut down over Christmas.

Glad you are all enjoying what we’ve done so far!!!


So am i reading the thread right? I’m seeing that its partially available? I’m not seeing any of it in the store? The group i run is rolling in to this mod in 4 weeks and I’d love to test it / buy it… Lemme know where it can be found please.


Hey @christopher.harkins7,

The stuff that is partially available is available to all our subscribers… so if you want to see it… Grab a trial sub? :wink:

The actual proper adventure support is coming, but definitely NOT before mid to late Jan = we are adding final touches, then it will go in for approval with WotC… and approval there will have a bit of a gap in it (due to Christmas).

That said… trial sub…?!? :smiley:


I liked.


  • Dead Three Ankle deep in stinky sewer - dh Xanathar’s hideout - Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Chapters 1-3
  • Mood for Amrik/Mortlock/Thurswell/Thalamra


  • Sacred music for the sword/elturel chapel/zariel/planetarium/release

But, it’s ok. You have so much stuff. I’m building a playlist for each part.


Any word on when theses sets will arrive? It’s mid to late January now. My group is just ready to have a go at Vanthamour Villa, and it would be nice to have encounter sound support.