Crashing Issues

The App on my IPad is constantly crashing…it goes for about a minute then dies. It has been an issue for awhile so my last session I just played without it…took June off and now ready to start up again but without sound or another service…help.

I’ve had this issue with my app on my iPad and iPhone as well it is totally random but I’ve experienced way to many crashes in the app. As someone who likes to own the sound sets vrs renting them I’ve experienced this issue lots of times.

Hi both,

Definitely reach out to us on support at syrinscape dot com and we can get some details about your device, account etc and sort you out.

No need to fight with out any help!

We can get you sorted!!! :bug: :hammer:


Still having the issues on my generation 6 IPad. The app is up to date, so is the iPad and still crashing. I even deleted the app and downloaded it again but still having same issue. I generally get maybe 1 minute of play before it crashes.

It has been over a year for me and you still sound astounded that the player keeps crashing. I am running the player with a brand new ipad with a load of memory. I “purchased” many sound sets; but have only downloaded a small sample (the starter sets sound tracks). Outside this forum there are many people with the same issue! Please fix you software.

Hey @gwynnp

That’s annoying!

Reach out to us on the support email and we will see if we can help you hunt down what might be causing this crash. :penguin: :crossed_swords: :game_die: