Anyone Using Stream Deck with Syrinscape?


Does anyone use Stream Deck with Syrinscape? Is it possible?


As in OBS?

I record all my demos in various different versions of OBS.

Need some help?


Stream Deck looks like a piece of hardware with customizable actions tied to buttons. It looks like its mainly used as hotkeys to control streaming without needed complicated keyboard combos.


Ah yes, derp!

I haven’t done so… but presumably you could set it up to send Syrinscape’s 3rd party controls to Syrinscape.

I indeed would also be interested in hearing if anyone has tried this!


So yes it is as davinci522 said. I however am not an online video gamer and bought it strictly for it’s physical hot keys for instant sound effects. When DMing games around a real table I grabbed sounds of the internet and it worked great for my Curse of Strahd game. The vampire would laugh and I’d punch the lightning button then Thunder and then wolves or whatever any time without having to pop through screens or do searches.
The Stream Deck is a neat little panel of buttons on your actual table that you can assign pictures to and add folders for those sounds. Check out the website to see what I am talking about.
So, in the past, I remember I could download Benjamin’s hot key sounds as a sound file that I could then double click on PC to hear. I forgot how to do that. I believe if I can do that again with some of his great Starfinder lasers and goblin shrieks I could tie them to my Stream deck for instant button pushing awesomeness.


I know its an old thread, but I wanted to post how this works for anyone finding it down the road. I love my Elgato Stream Deck. It works with Syrinscape and it is actually pretty easy to get it setup.

  1. In the Elgato Stream Deck utility add a button using the “Open” action found in “System -> Open”
  2. Set the title and icon to whatever you want.
  3. In Syrinscape enable 3rd party app integration by clicking “Settings Gear -> Enable”
  4. In Syrinscape find your desired sound and click the “+” icon above it to copy the action URL into your clipboard.
  5. Back in the Elgato Stream Deck utility, paste the action URL into the “App/File” field for your newly created button.
  6. In Syrinscape disable 3rd party app integration by clicking “Settings Gear -> Cancel”


Awesome Don! I can’t wait to try it!!


I literally just got my Stream Deck today and one of the first things I did was add Syrinscape sounds!

For me, I used the master/minion API. There is an option to launch a web page and a checkbox to do it in the background, which doesn’t launch a browser and seemed to work great!

I was getting some lag today but I got that using the master interface so assume it was network/server related…

I wanted to also use mine at the gaming table. I set up several keys tied macros inside MapTool.

For those wondering, there are 15 buttons, but you can nest folders OR created different profiles with buttons to those profiles. The nice thing with profiles be folders, you can set it to switch profile when a certain app is in the foreground, say, maptool or hero lab, etc.

I plan on using it for other PC games and applications as well. All in all I think it is s nifty little piece of hardware!


Where do you see that option to open in the background? I’ve wanted to use the API for the online player but I get about 10 seconds lag as it try’s to open a webpage every time the API link is used.


Right under the URL there is a check box.

Right now, it’s not triggering most of the time and not sure if it’s Syrinscape or what. :frowning:


Don, I must be missing a step. In the player controls area where the play buttons and volume sliders are, I see not + sign above the sounds… Thoughts?


Okay I thought the 3rd Party app was enabled and wasn’t. Enabled now but still not working after hitting plus and pasting into the System > Open App/File Field.


I think you are thinking the normal Fantasy Player (if you are hitting plus).

Look at this

And look at the “Enable Remote Control Links” under the drop down menu at the top right of the Master UI.

Can you see what I am saying?


You’re right, I am not. Thank you! I will check again later.


Yeah, if you are using the App, you are getting a Syrinscape:// URI which opens like an App in Stream Deck.

If you are using the master/minion interface then it is s http URI which then you use the web action in Stream Deck.