Am I missing something - desktop app improvements?

Is there another version of this app that I am missing or some other way to browse these sounds? I appreciate the service but this application feels really outdated. Is there a way to build custom “playlists” or sets?

the edit/pencil options only seem to change the order or pre-built sets. I dont see a way to rename things or any kind of add/remove

is this application in active development or is this going to be all we get?

(sorry, Im new to the boards, ill look for a dev thread)

You can build custom campaigns on the website, just sign in and look for “my campaigns” on the top bar, then they show up in the player once you’ve named and made them.

Hey, Welcome @ceruphin :slight_smile:

For a good start, I recommend taking a look at these two videos:
And check out this video:
And then this one:
And definitely this one too:

Have a good look at those two and then ask some more questions here. :octopus: :sunglasses: :smiley:

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Thank You for these helpful videos, Benjamin :slightly_smiling_face:

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@benjamin yeah, thanks, ill start checking these out

i got half way through the first and Im still not clear if there is another level of licensing i need to unlock these features?

Is there another “creator” version i think i keep hearing? can i create custom sound libraries with a normal subscription?

thanks again!

To unlock all the customisation features now built directly into the Online Player and working directly on our servers you’ll need a SuperSyrin sub.

For tutorials on that check out the Syrinscape Online Player tutorials Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Can you find that?